ParkingFox is a cloud-based management tool that helps large organisations manage their car parking spaces. From tracking bay utilisation, employee usage, reporting for fringe benefits tax liabilities as well as improving tendering and procurement processes with the view of reducing the overall cost of parking provision. ParkingFox provides valuable insights, reporting and analytics to help achieve cost savings on corporate parking portfolios. For more information, contact us. Analytics & Consulting

Need to assess a parking market? Are you priced too high/low? What products do your customers want? We have all the data and a platform to deliver you relevant reports to suit your requirements. Our rich data set captures movements over time including location, price, features and individual site attributes with the ability to provide comprehensive comparative reporting. For more information, contact us. Data Licensing

Car parking information is a dynamic data set where rates change frequently and sites can often change operators or even close down. For the end user, reliable parking information is paramount. We keep on top of car parking information using a combination of near-time monitoring, crowd sourced feedback and unique data validation methodologies.

We’ve done all the hard work and built a unique platform to aggregate and package the dynamic dataset for our digital world. We provide a commercially licensed API for anyone looking to add value to their mapping or location services. We don’t just have POI’s, we provide dynamic near-time pricing and operating information that is important to the user experience in delivering highly relevant and reliable information.

Examples of partners who value parking information:

  • Mapping & Navigation
  • Telematics (connected vehicles)
  • Motoring Services & Information
  • Entertainment & Events (journey planning)

Contact us for more information.

GDML Data Analytics and Aggregation

The GDML data platform is capable of collecting, collating and monitoring a layered dynamic data set in near-time utilsing a low cost operational model. From this platform we can then pull relevant analytical data to help achieve business objectives. We currently work with clients in retail, environment and automotive industries. Contact us for more information.

GDML People

GDML People is an operational solution that is available to help businesses achieve cost savings by utilising an outsource model for data processing and administrative functions. We take a hybrid approach to outsourcing and use our team in Australia to understand, design and architecture the process to guarantee project requirements are met. Where possible we utilise our team offshore to perform the bulk processing and pass on the cost efficiencies.

Our teams operate across a number of time zones allowing us to achieve significantly shorter time frames and quick turn around on projects. Everything is validated and checked by our Australian team prior to delivery to ensure the highest levels of quality.

Our approach ensures quality and efficiency is maintained and takes the risk out of having to ensure comprehension and correct processing of the task to achieve the necessary solution. Contact us for more information.

GDML Ventures

GDML is always looking for clever ideas with scalable potential. We usually take a joint venture or equity share approach and leverage our experience and resources to help create, commercialise and execute the venture. Contact us for more information.